First off we decided finally to stick with C# and the WPF format over Java to develop our animation tool. The fast prototyping and existing libraries that are available with WPF better meet our demands with the given time frame. 

Here are the differences between our initial prototype (Oct. 27, 2011) and our latest, which we are labeling as v02 for simplicity. Each week a new version will be released and presented. 


Changes (v01 to v02):
- Added the "Add Object" function to allow users to select images and add them to the canvas as Animation Objects
- Added the ability to add a background image
- Added selection of Animation Objects ability to apply animations separately
- Added basic option to change the speed the object moves along the path
- Added "glow" to selected objects
- Added "Bounce" checkbox for the object oscillation along its path
- Added "Repeat" checkbox for the object to repeat its animation along its path
- Added "Pause", "Play", "Stop" functionality to the buttons
- Translation animations are now much smoother than in v01- Fixed bug where polyline was still being added to after user makes animation path
- Animation Objects now follow the path from the center of the object
- Removed all non-functional buttons and menu items
- Removed the pre-created ellipse from the canvas
- Added checkbox for option to hide the animation paths
- Added checkbox for option to hide the selection glow

To do:
- Rotation animation of objects
- Select via clicks/gestures instead of the buttons
- Apply functions (rotation, translation) with gestures
- User-defined oscillation between images for an object
- Remove animation paths when the no longer apply to anything
- Make canvas bigger to allow for objects to move onto a "main area"

- Bug: Large images go off-canvas

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